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Cockcroft Accelerator Group


The Cockcroft Accelerator Group is a newly-formed group within the School of Physics and Astronomy. We presently have seven academic staff, and a number of postdoctoral staff and students working on a variety of accelerator projects.

Academic Staff:

  • Roger Jones (Head of Group. Collective effects, beam dynamics, wake-fields and higher order mode analysis for the ILC main linacs and collimators. Beam impedance and beam dynamics issues for FP420/LHC. FFAG impedance RF issues.)
  • Rob Appleby (Beam dynamics and optical design, including the ILC and LHC, physics of particle beam dumps, theoretical accelerator physics and background/RF studies for the FP420 collaboration)
  • Will Bertsche (Plasma physics and fundamental properties of antimatter in the ALPHA collaboration at CERN)
  • Darren Graham (Development of advanced laser- and accelerator-based terahertz experimental techniques)
  • Hywel Owen (Beam dynamics and particle-matter interaction, including light source design, medical accelerators and compact accelerators)
  • Guoxing Xia (Beam physics, ultrahigh gradient acceleration schemes and ultra-cold atoms and ultra-cold plasma based research)

Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Androula Alekou (HiLumi LHC: crab cavity beam dynamics)
  • Mohammad Islam (Plasma proton beam driven accelerator)
  • Nirav Joshi (RF Systems - XFEL/FLASH, Beam dynamics and HOMS.)
  • Oznur Mete (Beam dynamics and emittance diagnostics of an RF photoinjector for AWAKE project at CERN, implementation of plasma technologies on conventional accelerator challenges)
  • Muhammed Sameed (Precision Tests of Fundamental Symmetries with Antihydrogen)
  • Sam Tygier (LHC collimation and Fixed Field Alternating Gradient (FFAG) Accelerators)

Postgraduate Students:

  • Awad Almarhaby (VHEE Radiotherapy)
  • Kay Dewhurst (Wakefield acceleration and light sources)
  • Siara Fabbri (Antihydrogen studies at CERN)
  • Kieran Hanahoe (Plasma wakefield studies and proton driven wakefields (AWAKE))
  • Danielle Hodgkinson (Antihydrogen studies at CERN)
  • Benjamin Jeffrey (Mass spectrometry research and development)
  • Mark Johnson (Antihydrogen studies at CERN)
  • Michael Jones (Cold electron sources)
  • Jacob Kelly (Compact cyclotron design for proton beam therapy)
  • Bill Kyle (Beam dynamics and micro-bunching for VELA and CLARA)
  • Agnese Lagzda (VHEE Radiological Simulations and Experiments on CLARA.)
  • Daniel Lake (Electron-Beam Manipulation with Terahertz Radiation)
  • Yangmei Li (Proton driven plasma wakefield acceleration)
  • Ewa Oponowicz (Superconducting gantry design)
  • Tom Pacey (Plasma wakefield acceleration and advanced plasma source development)
  • Nathan Roche (VHEE Radiotherapy machine design studies)
  • Toby Rose (Mass spectrometry research and development)
  • Hampus Sandberg (Pixel Detector Based Transverse Emittance Monitor for the CERN Proton Synchrotron)
  • Bhagat-Taaj Sian (Low SEY surfaces for future particle accelerators)
  • Kristina Small (Two beam acceleration)
  • Elliott Smith (PIC simulations of THz acceleration interactions)
  • Barney Williamson (Laser-driven plasma wakefield acceleration for the AWAKE electron injector)
  • Yuan Zhao (Compact radiation source based on laser-plasma interaction)
  • Past Group Members:

    • Roger Barlow (Former Group Leader. Now at University of Huddersfield.)
    • David Brett (LHCb beam-gas backgrounds)
    • Adriana Bungau (Visiting postdoctoral researcher with University of Huddersfield (Target optimisation of the ISIS muon facility using the Monte Carlo code GEANT4))
    • Cristian Bungau (Target and core design of ADSR systems)
    • Lee Carver (Novel two beam accelerator concepts and applications. Now CERN Fellow.)
    • Narong Chanlek (Experimental studies of bench-top stretch wire measurement and analysis of modes)
    • Swapan Chattopadhyay (Honorary Professor. Director of Cockcroft Institute)
    • Matthew Cliffe (Developing longitudinally-polarised terahertz sources for electron beam manipulation)
    • Matthew Crouch (Beam-Beam effects in the LHC and Hi-Lumi LHC)
    • Alessandro D'Elia (CLIC RF cavity design, wakefield studies and RF measurements)
    • Hugo Day (Beam impedance reduction techniques in kicker magnets and collimation systems)
    • Aaron Farricker (European spallation source RF and beam dynamics for the main accelerator)
    • Matthew Fraser (Beam dynamics in the HIE-ISOLDE linac and RF studies of the superconducting quarter-wave cavities.)
    • James Garland (The commissioning of the ns-FFAG, EMMA, and associated applications in CONFORM and ADSRs. Now CERN Fellow.)
    • Christopher Glasman (Wakefield studies for novel high gradient ILC main linac cavities)
    • Andrew Green (Medical accelerator and dosimetry studies)
    • Mathew Harvey (Cold electron source studies)
    • David Holder (Application of medical accelerators and gantry design. Now at STFC DL and Manchester visitor.)
    • Puneet Jain (European spallation source, RF design of super conducting cavities)
    • James Jones (Dynamical effects in non-scaling fixed-field alternating-gradient accelerators)
    • Nawin Juntong (Theoretical and experimental studies on energy transfer in couplers for superconducting RF cavities)
    • Vasim Khan (Former PhD student. CERN Fellow)
    • Alex Knight-Percival (Development and characterisation of high power terahertz radiation sources)
    • Anna Kolano (Energy variation upgrade for hadron therapy systems)
    • Helen Elizabeth Lewis (Antiprotons for precision measurements with trapped antihydrogen)
    • Ewen Maclean (LHC beam dynamics. Now CERN Fellow)
    • Chiara Marieli (High efficiency klystron simulations for CLIC)
    • Alessio Mereghetti (CERN SPS scrapers and SPS-to-LHC collimation system. Now CERN fellow)
    • James Molson (Beam dynamics simulations: parallel tracking codes (MPI and CUDA), wakefields in the LHC collimation system, free electron laser electron beam collimation. Now at LAL.)
    • Inna Nesmiyan (Beam dynamics of CLIC and alternate baseline design, damped and detuned structures)
    • Aiden Peakman (Marine Reactor studies)
    • Steve Peggs (Deputy head of Accelerator Division at ESS)
    • Haroon Rafique (Future Circular Collider: machine detector interface, and HiLumi LHC)
    • Frederico Roncarolo (Former Postdoctoral Researcher. CERN Staff member)
    • Michael Salt (CLIC extraction line and backgrounds)
    • Anthony Scarfe (Tuning methods, including novel methods, for the ATF2 and the ILC)
    • Maurizio Serluca (LHC collimation and beam dynamics simulations with MERLIN. Now CERN Fellow)
    • Liangliang Shi (XFEL higher order mode diagnostics and beam dynamics. Now a Marie Curie Fellow at PSI)
    • Ian Shinton (Eigenmode simulations and beam dynamics in SC FLASH cavities and NC CLIC cavities)
    • Nick Shipman (Fundamental physics of electrical breakdown in DC spark chambers)
    • William Smith (Exploiting new probes of single molecule magnets)
    • Ben Spencer (Developing terahertz-frequency EPR techniques)
    • Luke Thompson (Design of a high-acceptance interaction optics solution for the proposed LHeC collider at CERN)
    • Adina Toader (Beam halo and collimation studies using MERLIN codes, and theoretical wakefield calculations)
    • Pei Zhang (Cavity design and higher-order mode analysis for FLASH.)

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